Business Services

Whatever your financial priorities are as a business owner, Capital Wealth Management has the resources, experience and customized financial planning process to address your unique situation and goals. Working with us, you’ll have access to an integrated and comprehensive portfolio of financial planning services exclusively for business owners and their employees.

401(k) and Retirement Benefits

When you choose a retirement plan, you’re positively affecting the financial future of your business and employees. Capital Wealth Management will help you decide which benefits are right for you, provide ongoing management of the investments, and offer workplace financial advising to your employees allowing everyone to feel more confident as they plan for their future.

Group Health Benefits

Health insurance is one of the most important employer-provided benefits currently offered in the workforce. In the case of accident or illness, these plans will help you, your family, or your employees pay for qualified medical care. We know that health insurance and its related plans are about people, which is why we will work with you to help you and your workforce save on out-of-pocket expenses.